Friday, 16 August 2013

I'm back!!!

I knew it had been a while since I last posted but wow ... 8 months!

So much has been happening.  I'll admit I was really overwhelmed with juggling a fairly new job, a crazy course load at school, taking care of a house, spending time with hubby and friends and family.  It took a toll.  But I am ready to get back blogging.

My commitment to you is to touch base every 1-2 weeks.  Some posts will be short and sweet (when I'm studying for an exam for instance) ... others will be far more in depth when I have something substantial on my mind.

I will be posting again later this weekend but I just wanted to leave you with this thought....

If you could change your life, would you????

This will be the topic of my next post :)  See you soon!

Yours in Health


Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Making Changes for a Healthier Life

I hadn't realized it's been as long as it has been since I last posted.  Time flies when you're running full tilt.

I hope you're having a 2013 so far.  It's been an interesting past couple of months.  School is intense.  Work is busy.  I'm still making progress in my quest to change my life.  It feels awesome.  But I've been fighting something the  past several days.  It's that time of year I guess.

My last course at school was nutrition and the environment.  Interesting.  Intense.  Scary.  I'm not sure anything has fired me up as much as this course.  I won't get too carried away at this point but as I read about the number of chemicals we're subjected to between cleaning products, personal care products and our food system, I got so angry and fired up.  I know that somehow I am going to incorporate this passion into my next career.  And that doesn't even begin to get me started about the genetically modified organisms that are being forcefed  to us without our knowledge.

So all this has prompted me to start changing how I spend the household budget.  I started buying personal care products and cleaning products at health food stores, started buying organic produce as much as possible and I buy my heat from a local butcher who uses small local farms.  Grass-fed beef, grain fed chickens, no antibiotics or growth hormones.  We've had a water filter for drinking water for years; we recently installed a filter on our shower which filters out chlorine and heavy metals.  Did you know that when you heat chlorine you end up with chloride gas?   Baths were brutal before the filter.  Now, there's no chlorine smell, my skin cleared up, and I don't have the lung issues I had before.

And I feel so much healthier.  Between the changes to my diet and exercise regime and the reduction of chemicals, I am much healthier.

I would encourage everyone to think about what they put in and on their bodies.  Even making small choices can help.  It's amazing what a big difference it makes.